From Invention Disclosure to Patent

From Invention Disclosure to Patent


Dr. Kirstin Schilling
Managing Director
+49 69 2561632-0

Dr. Matthias Götz
Senior Patent and License Manager
+49 69 2561632-0

INNOVECTIS supports and accompanies inventors from the invention disclosure to the patent. According to the German Employee Invention Act (ArbEG), employees must immediately inform the employer (e. g. Goethe University) in full about an employee invention. Even an invention that is not based on experience or work for the employer must be disclosed to the employer.INNOVECTIS offers:

Inventor´s Advice

INNOVECTIS offers confidential consultations to scientists regarding the protection of their research results under intellectual property law. If you think you have made an invention, please contact us by phone or fill out the invention disclosure form and send the completed form to INNOVECTIS.

Invention Evaluation

INNOVECTIS carries out a novelty search for your invention and evaluates the commercial exploitation potential. For the Goethe University Frankfurt, a specially appointed expert committee, the Evaluation Committee for Inventions of the Goethe University, recommends whether a patent application should be filed.

Patenting Inventions

INNOVECTIS takes over the patent management, i.e. the coordination and monitoring of the patent procedures in Germany and abroad as well as the patent strategy. As a rule, a patent attorney specialized in the relevant field is commissioned with the preparation of the application documents and the execution of the patent granting proceedings.

If you are considering starting a business based on your invention, please contact the Goethe Unibator. directly.

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