Inventions, patents and licenses

Inventions, Patents and Licenses


Dr. Kirstin Schilling
Managing Director
+49 69 2561632-0

INNOVECTIS evaluates and markets intellectual property and know-how of Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. In accordance with the IPR-policy of Goethe University, it is exclusively responsible for patent and license management.

Patenting new ideas and research results is an important measure, if scientific findings are to be transfered to new products and technologies. Often, patent protection is a necessary prerequisite to advance the further development of a promising idea or invention until it is ready for commercialisation.

Services of INNOVECTIS for scientists include:

  • Advising inventors
  • Evaluation of inventions
  • Patenting of inventions
  • Patent exploitation and licensing
  • Commercialisation of biological material, software and know-how


InventorĀ“s Advice:

INNOVECTIS offers inventors from universities confidential consultations on how to protect their research results (no legal advice). If you think you have made an invention, please contact us by phone or fill out the invention disclosure form and send the completed form to INNOVECTIS. According to the German Employee Invention Act (ArbEG), employees must immediately notify their employer (University) in full of an employee invention. In addition the employer must be notified of an invention that is not based on experience or work at the university.

Invention Evaluation

INNOVECTIS evaluates inventions with regard to their patentability and potential for commercial exploitation. For this purpose, a search is carried out to check whether the invention is new. The decision whether to file a patent is made by the invention evaluation committee.

Patenting Inventions

INNOVECTIS takes over the patent management, i.e. the coordination and monitoring of the patent procedures as well as the patent strategy. A patent attorney specialized in the respective field is commissioned with the preparation of the application documents and the execution of the patent granting proceedings. This involves close coordination with the team of inventors, whose cooperation is indispensable for technical questions within the scope of the patent granting procedure.

Exploitation of Intellectual Property Rights:

The various options for the exploitation of patents and other intellectual property rights include licensing or sale to established companies or to a company founded by the team of inventors (spin-off). INNOVECTIS develops an exploitation strategy together with the inventors, supports the search for commercial partners and negotiates the conditions for licensing agreements.

Often, the further development of new inventions is necessary before a successful commercialization. INNOVECTIS supports the search for funding for further development projects and takes over the project management, e.g. in bilateral development projects with industrial companies.

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